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The vertebral column

The vertebral column

The spine is the mains structure supporting our body.

The vertebral column or spine is the main structure that supports our body and that protects the spinal cord, which transmits mobility and sensitivity between the brain and our limbs.
It is made up of independent bone segments, the vertebrae; there are 7 cervical (neck), 12 dorsal or thoracic (chest), 5 lumbar and sacro-coxygeal vertebrae. Inter-vertebral discs act as shock absorbers between all of the vertebrae and allow some mobility between them.
We have become 'bipeds', standing upright on two legs, through evolution, but we are still paying the price for the adaptation of the shape of our spine. Furthermore our way of life and physical activities, which control our body positions at work, are the reasons for over 80% of the world's "back or neck pain" complaints. Complaints of the vertebral column can be in any one of its components and can display different symptoms, though generally it is pain.


The most frequent complaint is for "Disc Hernia" (slip disc) but these days there are different therapeutic and medi-rehabilitatory remedies as well as semi invasive surgery (nĂșcleo-plastia,, ozono-therapy) or invasive (micro-disectomy, disectomy, vertebral fusion). Naturally not all of these techniques can apply to all patients and a careful physical examination is essential including some tests (Rx, RMN, EMG).
One the complaints that we treat with increasing frequency in our clinic is due to lumbar pain on account of the degenerative process of vertebrae but also one for which we have excellent results using the right technique.
A final word about lumbar pain and golf, it affects good players because of their dedication and the beginners because of their poor technique. The 'swing' is the main cause of backache and the 'finish in C' is the most traumatizing for all three sections of the column.

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