Sunday, 31st May 2020

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So, the United Kingdom has left Europe, but it hasn’t really has it?

I have no doubt it was a bad move as far as the UK is concerned. What made it worse is that everybody else had to suffer for over 3½ years causing panic to many  businesses that actually moved away to Europe to safeguard their markets, while other changed their way of working and even suppliers. Several closed down and  some are still in the process of doing so.

Let’s not mention the retail trade, the  High Streets which have suffered the worst Christmas trade known to them. The High Streets are beginning to look like  abandoned because of the number of shops that have closed down, including some well known names.

I really fail to understand how it is conceivable that this was allowed to take place. How is it possible that voters elected a proven liar and cheat to run the country? So  what has been achieved by the new government? In a nutshell, the loss of the largest and nearest market, the breakup from the European Union and, on the horizon,  the breakup of the United Kingdom itself. All on a promise (?) to probably continue doing business with the EU with terms to be agreed (?) in order to reach markets  further afield which was possible anyway with or without Brexit.

So where does all this leave us?


As far as Europe is concerned, I would imagine that it has gained from the influx of businesses moving away to the EU, especially on the financial services front. The  uncertainty of a doubtful future has also caused an increased influx of UK residents moving to Europe to join the existing number of UK residents in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the rest.

Many of the European skilled workers and technicians performing a necessary duty in the UK have abandoned their positions to return to their respective EU countries.  Why stay under the uncertainty of possibly getting expelled after trying to build a future for themselves and their families? By the same token, even unskilled workers  doing jobs that British resident would not normally do have also left for greener pastures. All to the benefit of the EU.

What about EU exports? Has the EU lost on exports to the UK? I cannot see Brexiters, with the few short summer days in June doing without their holidays to sunny  Spain. Nor can I see them doing away with French perfumes, French & Italian wines, olive oil,fresh fruit and veggies and the rest. Someone has forgotten to mention  that Britain is an island and that it needs to import more that it exports, especially after the continuous and systematic destruction of all types of industries that Britain  used to be known for.

It makes you wonders what the 3½ years’ turmoil and disruption was all about. The British government does not seem to care much about its own residents leaving  and residing abroad. Since Brexit started there has hardly been a mention about protecting them or even showing some concern after promising a United Europe  without frontiers, after promising equal right as the rest of the EU citizens. Some UK residents in Europe, mainly pensioners, have had to leave and go back to the UK.  Some have sold their homes, some have even abandoned them. Many, who retired in Europe depending on their pensions, found it impossible to survive after the drop  in the value of the pound.

At the same time, many UK nationals working in the EU, and particularly in Spain, have shown a strong determination to remain undeterred and made sure that they  are and remain EU residents. Some have even gone as far as changing their nationality rather than leave the EU, a large enough market with plenty of opportunities.  After all the UK might  even need to use their business to import its needs.

I wonder what the next few years will bring, perhaps the Union Jack may have to be replaced with English, Scottish, Irish and even Welsh flags. I wonder who is behind  all these “divide to conquer” activities.

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