Tuesday, 7th July 2020

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Not a wig!! A comfortable and natural alternative to provide a higher hair density

It is called Hair Integration System or FAS System (Follicular Alternative System), an innovative hand-made capillary integration system individually designed for each  patient and fixed to the scalp.

It is a revolutionary natural development in the demanding world of cosmetics. The result is completely undetectable natural hair, matching exactly the colour and texture of the patient is inserted in a mesh in the desired density depending on each case.

The Capillary Dermatology Unit of HC Marbella is a pioneer in Spain in offering this technique. This is then fixed to the scalp. The Fixed Hair System is very different from the uncomfortable and unstable as well as unnatural wigs.

  • It is natural: because it is made to measure with natural hair and because it simulates exactly the patient’s scalp.
  • And comfortable: The hair is fixed permanently to the patient’s scalp, it is permanent and one can comfortably maintain normal life activities such as taking showers, sleeping, sport activities , swimming and so on. If required to be removed, patients are instructed on how to do so at intervals of 4 to six weeks and then replace it.

It is recommended for:

  • Women with androgenetic alopecia seeking greater naturalness and density of hair without transplantation. 
  • Men with severe alopecia to whom it is not possible to guarantee a great coverage and capillary density with hair transplantation.
  • Chemotherapy or alopecia by radiotherapy patients wanting to appear natural appearance avoiding slightly wigs.
  • Patients for whom a transplant is not indicated.


Because of diseases of the scalp. For example Fibrosing Frontal Alopecia, Cutaneous Lupus, Centrifugal Central Alopecia, among others. It is not at all noticeable not just because it is made of natural hair to match the patient’s hair but because is not a mesh in the way the wigs are made of, it is done as a second skin made of  biocompatible polymer that perfectly simulates the patient’s scalp. There is no problem. Both the system and the products to place and remove it are dermatologically  tested and meet all quality standards.

  1. First, a medical diagnosis of the type of alopecia must be made and the need for medical treatment assessed. This is followed by a 2 to 3 hours study of the  patient’s characteristics, moulds and bandages re-used with no need to cut the hair. Allergy test are also carried out.
  2. The manufacture of the product will then take about 3 months. This is because it is carefully created by hand and tested to achieve the maximum best matching results.
  3. To complete the treatment, the fixed capillary system is fixed to the scalp in one final session. There is no need to cut preexisting hair, however this last stage  may require a couple of hours

The average life of a FAS system is about 2-3 years. This can be extended if two different systems are purchased and exchanged. After the system has been used
for a long while, a repair can be required to maintain the quality and density of the hair integrated, avoiding the need to make a new one. The fixed capillary system  (FAS) is a temporary or prolonged solution to a problem of alopecia, but it is not a definite cure for any type of alopecia. During the replacements of the FAS system,  the expert dermatologist in trichology will be able to make a medical evaluation of the alopecia which will be monitored, and may also apply  local treatments at the time if necessary.

Please talk to us about your case. Our specialists at the Hair Dermatology Unit of HC Marbella will assess your case and will tell you if you can benefit from any of the  treatments available. There are many alternatives for alopecia. Do not give up!

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