Tuesday, 7th July 2020
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The technology that helps you stay young

The technology that helps you stay young


The OXIGENIUS CENTRE is a very recent arrival in Marbella, providing hyperbaric therapy with an incredibly big difference, there is now no need for the restrictive tube that you ordinarily see.

Now you can just relax in a home from home with all the comforts you may need in anelegant living room watching TV, reading and WIFI, while sipping champagne. But most importantly, allowing your body to absorb all the benefits of breathing oxygen under pressure.

The treatment is quite safe because the ultramodern  chamber is controlled by state of theart computers, sensors and capacitors that maintain a pressure of 1,5 bar that provides a higher oxygen level to the blood system. Because of the safety level there is no need of a doctor on the premises.


The therapy improves the body aesthetically in various ways such as collagen production, reduction of skin blemishes, skin rehydration, treatments for regeneration effects caused by age, revitalization of cells, activation of stem cells, improvement of skin firmness…

Most importantly it helps to cure a number of symptoms and aliments that hyperbaric therapy is being recognised for. For example treatments of cerebrovascular  accidents, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, improvement of the harmful side effects of cancer treatments, physical recovery of injuries and surgical interventions, treatment of necrosis, improvement of physical performance and memory, strengthening the immune system.

Hyperbaric medicine is not a new invention, its origin dates back to the XVI century, but since then it has been discovered that it can be applied successfully to several other physical and medical improvements and, with the most recent advances in technology, such as OXIGENIUS, the list of benefits seems to get even longer.

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