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A smart home is a residence that uses internet-connected devices to enable the remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems

Smart homes are the future now and EDISONING have just recently opened their state-of-the-art showroom in Sotogrande to prove that the Hi-Tech needed is not nearly as expensive as it used to be. Intelligence means that the house acts automatically, adapting to the needs of everyday life with an easy, uncomplicated form of control as part of what we call Real Smart Home, guaranteeing a unique experience for the user.

But this is just to highlight the flexibility that is available, in fact you can control your every single appliance in and even outside the premises, such as watering the garden. Even grant access to visitors with the use of automated locks.

Motion sensors are also able to identify the difference between residents, visitors, pets and burglars, and can notify authorities when suspicious behaviour is detected. Just as it can do in case of flooding or fire. There is very little that cannot be controlled or programmed to perform when required, and the beauty is that you can also  do so from anywhere with your mobile phone, like checking every room, turning the lights on/off or closing/opening the curtains.


Of course the most obvious comfort is the ability to control every individual light, including dimming, opening/closing each curtain, temperature of air and water, high quality sound and vision, home cinema  in the highest quality anywhere in the house, and even every kitchen apparatus including the floor cleaner without moving from you armchair. Furthermore, you can control and ensure you save electricity and reduce your power and water bills.

The technology can also be applied to any type of premises houses, villas, apartments, offices, businesses, hotels, factories.

You are welcome to visit the EDISONING showroom to see for yourself and experience the feeling of luxury that domotics can provide.

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