Tuesday, 7th July 2020
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WORKERS TIME REGISTER - Now compulsory for all employers.

WORKERS TIME REGISTER - Now compulsory for all employers.

A new law has made it compulsory for all employers to keep a register of hours worked by each employee

The object is to track down unpaid overtime. The employer becomes responsible to keep a record of the hours worked for 4 years, even in the case of ex-employees. The means used can be electronic or just a simple spread sheet that the worker can sign.

This information must be kept in the place of work and should be shown immediately at the request of a visiting work inspector.

The first point of the official guide published by the Work Ministry states that “the working time register applies to the totality of employees, independently of their professional category, to all sectors of activity and to all the companies, whatever their size or type of organisation. Companies are also obliged to keep the daily register for “movable” workers, sales persons, temporary workers, out-workers and any in respect of any other circumstance where the work is not fully carried out in the company’s working place.”

Clearly, it applies to every case to all workers and companies.


Flexible schedule: Even with a flexible timetable with your employees, you still need to keep records of the hours. These will not be considered overtime until they exceed the amount of hours agreed in a week.

Remote workers: Out-workers who do not need to be present in the business premises also need to keep track of their timing and submit it to the main office.

Pauses and breaks: The register can contains information about lunch breaks and other breaks in order to determine the “actual working time”, although the law is not specific on this point.

Self-Employed: This new rule does not apply to self-employed. They do not have to keep a register of their working hours.

You can download a spreadsheet from our website with a format for general cases. It does not need to be rigid; you are free to adapt it to your specific needs.

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