Tuesday, 7th April 2020

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Why Join a FORUM?

Why Join a FORUM?

The Prickly Pair opinion of online forums.

Well, frankly in my opinion it is just the sad who need to join. And I don’t mean sad in the ‘a bit down’ kind of way, I mean sad in the ‘I am pathetic and have no real friends’ kind of way.

Out of curiosity, I got on to a forum the other day and I came across plenty of ‘moving to the area, tell me about work, schools, etc.’ messages.

I am sorry Scooby if you are looking for help from some lonely old git, sitting at home in the middle of the day, logged on to a forum, maybe you should plan on staying where you came from; where at least you can find a bus to the shopping centre.

What I did discover that may be helpful, is that it probably gives a good insight into the area you may be interested in, the sense that you can see how many people are looking for work and the type of work, as for example even for washing pots, though I thought that this is what dishwashers were invented for.

And, yes, if you want to know your chances, just look at the replies. Also look for local robberies (warning).

Let me give Forum users a tip; if you find yourself using the forum regularly, get out more, talk to real people and remember, if you are a self-opinionated bore in real life, you definitely are going to be even more so in a forum.


Another good point concerns advertisers, they shouldn’t bother trying to plug their business in a Forum, let’s call them F.U. for short (forum users), if they are useless
enough to be sitting at home gossiping to punt their wares you can be sure they don’t have a P.T.P.I.

It is important to note that most F.U.s hide behind a made up name, even though, if you are local, everybody knows who you are anyway! Probably to try and work under the radar to avoid paying social security and taxes. For instance, Big Peter (made up name) ‘everybody knows you as Fat Peter the cowboy builder’. Or ‘Sexy Lady’, when we all know you’re the local bike who has been round more times than a circus pony. Then there is F.U. ‘Mr Car Sharing to Work’, looking for an adult that has not managed to buy a car yet? You can see where he is coming from. Oh! That is unless F.U Car Share wants to be green (not).

In another Forum I found a user looking for ways to mend his or her car air conditioning signing off as Living the Dream. There are many local forums, or so called social pages with F.U trying to scrape a living offering under priced goods and services, but do remember that all good things come to an nd and if caught by Hacienda or Seguridad Social there are penalties to pay especially if the UK is no longer part of the E.U.

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