Sunday, 12th July 2020

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Rotary News Estepona Sotogrande International

Rotary News Estepona Sotogrande International

We take this opportunity to confirm that our meetings are held every 1st Thursday and every 3rd Thursday of each month.

So as to be specific our meetings in February will take place on the 7th and 21st of February, except on official holidays when meetings are NOT held.

Of course the meetings will take place at our official address within the H10 Estepona Palace Hotel.

Having dealt with all the different festivities, we seem to be returning back to a more normal Costa del Sol and we would like to take this opportunity to mention that we are planning to organise a meeting on the 4th of April to explain, discuss and answer questions on ALZHEIMER, one of the most terrifying illnesses that causes terrible suffering to the afflicted and enormous amount of distress and trauma to the close families.

A similar event took place at the RC Marbella-Guadalmina, who we would like to contact for advice on the matter, however we shall be grateful to hear from anyone who may wish to contribute any suggestions with regards to this meeting that hopefully we can eventually use to contribute in helping to eradicate this evil from Earth.


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