Saturday, 11th July 2020

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At last! A real Belgian patisserie in Sabinillas!

At last! A real Belgian patisserie in Sabinillas!

Jan Staels, the pastry chef from Belgium, discretely opened his patisserie in a shop in Sabinillas.

I say discretely because clearly his cakes and pastries will soon make themselves known. Already all you have to do is to follow one of the Belgian or French costa visitors making a b line for the patisserie.

Anyone can make what you may call cakes and pastries, but Belgian and French patisseries require a chef pâtissier with years of training and a passion for the creation of his delicious and most refined pastries and cakes.

It is the uniqueness of this creative art that makes the difference from the factory mass produced cakes and sweets that we see delivered every day to bars and restaurants. There is just no comparison.


Then of course Belgian chocolate used in pâtisserie makes the gap even wider, because Belgian chocolate quality is something ingrained with tradition and cultural

Jan Staels brings together a collection of such delicious individual treats that make your mouth water just looking at them and in summer he will also extend this fine art to the production of ice cream.

Choose from Eclairs, Milfeuilles, Madeleines, Cheese Cake, Merengues…., right down to quiche & sausage rolls and see the difference.

Jan Staels - Belgian Patisserie
Patisserie Belge, Calle Bolivia 22 , 29692
+34 645 159 630
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Jan Staels - Belgian Patisserie

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