Thursday, 28th January 2021
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Someone to trust - is someone who understands and cares.

Someone to trust - is someone who understands and cares.

In our last editions we have gone to some length to introduce the new generation of the Camero family who are gradually taking over and replacing their elders.

Francisco Camero, a family business with a high moral code established over a long time, a code that is passed on and maintained from generation to generation.

But it is not a question of maintaining a respectably high moral code with regards to the deceased, it also takes understanding the pain, stress and need of the bereaved. This is why a family business is best qualified to understand the stress and disruption that the departure of a loved one can cause to a family; the pain and the loss is felt by everyone not just the widow or widower but possibly even more so by sons and daughters.


It is natural not to want to think about these circumstances when it is easier to put it at the back of our minds, unfortunately, that time comes for everyone with no exception, however rich or famous one might be. This year alone not even Burt Reynolds, or Charles Aznavour, or George H.W. Bush could escape the inevitable.

This is when it is essential to be able to trust someone who can relieve the burden of what to do at a time of serious grief and it is even more sensible to pre-empt the day making the necessary preparation in advance and then not have to think about it.

This is exactly what Francisco Camero have dedicated their years to. Speak to them and find the reassurances you need withy great empathy an understanding.

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Francisco Camero S.L., Avd. Juan Luis Peralta, 4, 29639
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