Tuesday, 26th May 2020

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Whats Hot - Games

Whats Hot - Games

Another couple of absolutely epic games that are guaranteed to impress gamers: Red Dead Redemtion 2 and Fallout 76


The game will feature several new multiplayer modes, including the “continuous” campaign mode “Tides of War”, “Firestorm”, and “Grand Operations”. The Grand Operations mode is an expansion of the “Operations” mode introduced in Battlefield 1, which focuses on matches taking place across multiple stages to simulate a campaign from the war. In Grand Operations, each round will have specific objectives, and performance in each stage will influence the next. The game also features a cooperative mode not seen since Battlefield 3 called “Combined Arms”, where four players can undertake missions together and features dynamic missions and objectives so missions cannot be played the same way each time.

Developer: EA DICE.
Publisher: Electronic Arts.
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.
Release: November 20, 2018.
Mode: Single-player & multiplayer.



The game is set in a fictional South American country called Solis. Rico Rodriguez takes on the Black Hand, the world’s most powerful private army run by Gabriella Morales, a newly introduced character. The Black Hand serve as mercenary group to dictators Salvador Mendoza of Just Cause and Sebastiano Di Ravello in Just Cause 3. When Rico is shown evidence that his late father was working with The Black Hand, he plunges into the South American nation of Solís, the homeland of the Black Hand in search of answers.

Developer: Avalanche Studios
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.
Release: December 4, 2018
Mode: Single-player.

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