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As of May 2018 there are around 1,805,260,010 active and non-active websites in the whole world! We are slowly approaching 2 billion. Now if we talk in terms of web pages, let’s start from 60 trillion web pages and this number is constantly growing, according to Google.

Every business on the internet wants his web page to be on the first page of Google searches, but according to my calculations, regretfully, 3 into 2 will not fit, never
mind 60 trillion into 10 per page. Oh! Well! Let’s pay Google to put us first on the result pages or pay by click! Joke! See how long that will last before Google defies its own objective again and pushes everyone else at the back.

Unfortunately the Internet is not being used as it should be or as it was meant to be. As far as I am concerned this means that for advertising purposes the internet has become and is becoming more counterproductive, even more so every day.

Meaning that the most effective way of advertising becomes more reliable in PRINTED magazines and other conventional advertising methods. Back to square one.

Of course web pages are useful and even essential to every business just as shop widows are, but to tell consumers and customers of your you need
to advertise it somewhere else, the internet is all clogged up. You wouldn’t go out of your home looking for a business anywhere in the town or country or even continent, yet this is what the internet is about, it’s like going out to look for something in the world.

To make things worse, you can’t go anywhere on the internet without being flooded by all sorts of interfering advertisements and often malicious viruses. It is just as bad with the mail when you have to look for your messages amongst a flood of SPAM.

What a joke! We are allowing the internet to destroy our world as we know it simply because it is not being used as it was intended and because we are allowing it to be exploited and used by criminals, terrorists, large corporation and yes, even governments for their own benefits.

Social pages, like Face book, have defied their own objective too. I mean see for yourself! As soon as you enter your Facebook page, within seconds you are flooded with message after message and, as you scroll, you cannot find them again. Your best bet is to have and maintain a Facebook page dedicated to your business and advertise that address, saving yourself the cost and maintenance of a web page amongst the 60 trillion.

Our younger generations are far too concerned with games and gossip and showing off to actually learn anything useful or of valued importance. The worst part about the internet is the lack of control. Whereas government departments can spy and check on everyone with access to the internet, just in case you have under declared your tax amount there is no control whatsoever on websites created by paedophiles to groom and attract children; there is no control over websites that exploit the feeble of mind and destroy their lives; there is no control to prevent or even attempt to prevent fraud. So what do we have governements for?

I believe that in a recent survey carried out at random, most people did not even know who the President of the USA is or where France is or what does the EU mean. My grandchild of 13 years hasn’t got a clue about WWII or where Naples is but he knows how to find and enter forbidden sites or how to play games instead of doing his homework.


The web was originally conceived and developed to meet the demand for automatic information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world. The www. was invented by Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist and, as usual, taken over by the Americans to end up with the mess we have today. The 6 August 1991, the World Wide Web went live to the world and it was not long afterward that the founder of Web Express Guide realised that the most efficient way of promoting one’s business and other businesses is to PRINT the website as a professional magazine. A basic principle that is still working now for all its advertisers. Not just a publication also placed online but a fully blown database website also printed. Such as Google might have been if it was printed.

Of course the Internet is a great discovery and invention; we can communicate from one corner of the world to the other within seconds. Never has every small corner of the world been so quickly and so well informed, but like everything else the information needs to be sifted to eliminate and discourage the bad elements; even punish the bad elements.

Should we introduce a licencing system before granting use of the Internet? Should we have an age limit before allowing children to use the Internet? Should we ban pornographic and gambling websites? Should we issue licences before websites can be placed online? Should we not have a central point where users can formalise their complaints, expecting action to be taken? Should there be restrictions and fines applied to advertising agencies and similar companies that shower to all and sundries with SPAM?

It certainly a sad state of affairs when some fanatic can blow up a bomb and kill innocent people by pushing a button on his internet mobile phone.

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