Thursday, 28th January 2021
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The New Camero Generation

The New Camero Generation

Keeping up with family tradition

Following on the footsteps of three previous generations the 5 younger Cameros now have the task of maintaining and improving a well established reputation by providing families, friends and loved ones with a caring, dignified service at the most difficult of times.

Francisco Camero began providing funeral services in Benalmádena in the late 1800s and his son Salvador and grandson Francisco both followed in his footsteps to continue with the family business, building up a reputation for reliability and empathy.

The family of Funeral Directors Francisco Camero are proud of their long and well established reputation as a strong, reputable family, an ideal which they created and maintained since the beginning. And now, over the last few years, the new generation have reached a stage in life when it becomes their turn to take on this very serious and well established duty.

In a profession as delicate as this, good experience and knowledge are needed, these are best acquired through contact with the recipients of care and the passing on of family tradition. Every family company has a past that is reflected in its current generation.

The future is reflected in its young blood. It is now time to meet them. Some of us may have had the opportunity to meet Rafael Camero and Jesús Camero at the most
recent +50 Exhibition that took place on the 17th & 18th November in Fuengirola at the Hotel IPV Palace & Spa. Each and every one of the five has his part to play and
perform to ease the pain and burden incurred by clients at a most difficult time.

You can do so both by reading a little about them here or by visiting them in person. Like the fingers of a hand, all five not only have their own specific responsibilities but they also work smoothly together to help and understand each other for the benefit of clients.



As a result of the large ex-.pats community that started to become a permanent feature of the Costa del Sol since the 70’s, the company evolved to adapt its services to the funeral requirements of international families, which may vary slightly compared to traditional Spanish customs. This is one of the reasons why Francisco Camero is one of the recommended funeral directors by the U.K. Foreign Office.

With painstaking attention to detail and a compassionate, professional approach, the Camero family aim to provide all the required elements of a funeral anywhere on
the Costa del Sol with the utmost quality and with the highest consideration towards the feelings of the bereaved.

The comprehensive range of funeral plans and services can be tailored to suit all tastes and requirements, from basic to fully comprehensive high end funeral plans. Language is not a problem, depending on your choice of plan, they will take care of everything from obtaining doctor’s and death certificates, both Spanish and international, to arranging all aspects of the funeral including notification to consulates and cancelling, passports or transfer or repatriation services.

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