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MADRID in November

MADRID in November

Madrid Horse Week and Jurassic World Exhibition

The sixth edition of Madrid Horse Week, from the 23rd to the 25th of November in the Pavilions 12 & 14 of IFEMA, will turn the Spanish capital into the main equestrian city backed by a substantial program.

At the Commercial Village, the continuous program of shows and exhibitions is loaded with a variety of plays and didactic activities, including dressage, demonstrations of vaulting, health and care sessions for the horse, among others. The younger guests will enjoy the Pony Park, receiving their equestrian baptism and participating in various
children’s activities.

This VI edition of the Madrid Horse Week will give the younger ones the opportunity to enjoy a first riding experience at the PONY PARK, making this a unique family leisure experience.

IFEMA will once again become a world benchmark for horse riding, a meeting point for fans of this sport, but also a great leisure alternative for the whole family. As in previous editions, the Horse Show will host this year a multitude of exhibitions and playful and didactic activities with children in mind.

Throughout the weekend, there will be exclusive demonstrations of different disciplines and themes which will delight children. But it is more likely that your favourite activity will be the already famous 'equestrian baptism' at the Pony Park where children will have the opportunity to enjoy their first equestrian experience in total contact with the animals. In addition to riding the ponies, they would learn to take care of them, feed them and brush
them. And, at the end of their 'equestrian baptism', receive a diploma to credits their experience.

Of course, that is not all, there are nearly 90 different stands offering a great variety of products and activities both from the horse world as well as leisure in general. Fashion, gastronomy, jewellery, services and a long etcetera will make your stay an unforgettable experience. (national and international brands from Portugal, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom Ireland and Sweden)

Tickets for the MADRID HORSE WEEK are available at starting at € 15 to attend the competitions (€ 10 for children under 14) and € 5 for the Salon del Horse (free entrance for children up to 14 years old).

Hospitality packages and VIP tickets are also on sale, and can be purchased by contacting the organization directly. MADRID HORSE WEEK has the collaboration and support of the Community of Madrid, the City of Madrid, the RFHE, the FEI and IFEMA.


It is an incredible coincidence, but if you do make it a family outing, you might as well visit the Jurassic World Pavilion which starts on the 17th to the 30th November.

After the worldwide box office success of the latest film in the franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, tickets are on sale now for Jurassic World The Exhibition in Madrid.

The history of our planet is written in stone. Written for all time in the ground below our feet. It tells the tale of an
ancient era when dinosaurs ruled the world.

Many have dreamed of visiting that world, witnessing the majesty and the power of the largest, most dominant creatures to have ever lived. That dream…is now a reality…. here at Jurassic World.

The Park is a technological marvel…and a modern phenomenon. It all began with a tiny mosquito, in whose ancient blood the past… became our future. In that blood was viable DNA that allowed us to bring dinosaurs back from extinction.

As part of your VIP tour, you will step through the iconic Jurassic World gates, and experience breath taking encounters with our dinosaurs throughout the park. You will also visit gentle giants petting zoo and the Hammond creation lab, stroll through Gyro sphere Valley, and come face to face with Tyrannosaurus Rex itself.

Sparing no expense, Masrani Global Corporation has created a world-class destination resort like none other, where
humans can co-exist with dinosaurs in complete safety.

A world of dreams…65 million years in the making. This is Jurassic World!

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