Tuesday, 7th July 2020
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The Magic Quilt

Last month I wrote about the importance of quality sleep for our health and described the benefits derived from sleeping on a magnetic mattress.

This time, I would like to tell you about the pleasure of sleeping under a FAR INFRA RED QUILT. "What on earth is she on about?" You may well ask.

You will know about Infra Red, the lamps and all that, however FAR Infra Red is at present less known in the West.

There are about 4000 patents on this technology in Japan at present; they include everything from protective clothing to showers, ovens, cookers, paints and much more. This is a space age technology and is to do with the beneficial rays of the sun, those that the human eye cannot see, but which every living cell needs to survive on earth. I may go into this in greater depth in a later article but for now I will just describe the benefits of using one of the quilts as the second item in this remarkable SLEEP SYSTEM.
The quilt is designed to provide many known benefits and probably many more that I have not yet discovered. The simplest way to describe this incredible health technology is to call it the "Magic Quilt" and summarise below some of the benefits that I have discovered.

I have based this information based on personal experience and a good deal of research.
If you have a problem with sleep, do not wake up rested or feeling energised, have any form of stiffness and discomforts, please ring me for information.

I just love sharing my experiences with others and I am so grateful to have discovered such a wonderful health technology because it has changed our lives.


The main feature is that the quilt maintains an even temperature, comfortable for either a cold natured or hot natured person. It knows exactly what temperature our bodies need, at the right time.

  1. If victim of a virus or a virus related to cold or flu, the quilt helps to rid the body of this by adjusting itself accordingly.
  2. When over extending those lazy muscles at the onset of the new gardening season or extenuating work or excise, the quilt takes the 'ouch ' out of sore muscles. Always remember to drink water to re-hydrate the body.
  3. With a fever or sunburn, the quilt will again bring our bodies back to the correct temperature as long as we also remember to drink water to keep the body hydrated.
  4. Amazingly, it also helps with our detoxification process. If we feel that at times it may get too warm with it during the night, it is not the quilt that makes us warmer but the detoxification process. It's the way our body lets us know that we need hydration.
  5. There are also mini quilts, which are great for small area 'ouches' be it from a bruise or just a sore muscle.
  6. Pets also love this technology, they seem to gravitate to the quilts and mini quilts. Horses legs especially, benefit from being wrapped with the mini Far Infra Red Quilts which fit them perfectly, after a game of polo, when standing in loose boxes or travelling. They strengthen as well as relax.
  7. This technology has now advanced and magnets and negative ions have been incorporated, which help circulation and much more but that for next time.

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