Friday, 26th February 2021

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Some tips about dressing children

Some tips about dressing children

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  1. Pants Are Not Optional. This one is so important, I have to initial-capitalize it. Sure, this seems like it's obvious, but it needs
    to be said.
  2. Try to have your shoes on the correct feet. Crocs can be confusing, looking like rubbery boats. If you look very, very closely, you will see that there actually is a left and a right Croc. I promise that it will be more comfortable if your shoes are on the
    correct feet.
  3. Those camisole things are not shirts. My rule is that if it's worn as underwear, it is underwear, and must, therefore, be worn underneath something else. This is not negotiable.
  4. Hand-me-downs are like wearing a hug from your sister all day. Or from your cousin. Or from my high school friend's daughter, who you've never met. Or from the nice children who outgrew their clothing. When you wear a hand-me-down, you get a little bit of your older cousin’s coolness infused into you.
  5. Elastic-waist pants are your friend. I have no idea why any children's clothing would need anything else. Frankly, I don't have the time to mess with buttons and zippers, but somehow, grown-up pants seem to always have them.
  6. Children need to make their own fashion choices. In my house, they are free to choose from any of the clothing I have bought, paid for, washed, and put in their drawers. Also, sometimes those choices have consequences. For example, any clothing that shows excessive skin will require ungodly amounts of sunblock
  7. It's okay to take fashion risks. The nice thing about those  fashion risks, though, is that you usually only chance it once
  8. How likely are you to fall? "Are you wearing anything that is going to make you trip?" Flip-flops are not allowed (except for on the pool deck) ne, Obviously if it trails on the floor, you'll probably fall, and that's not funny.


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