Tuesday, 26th May 2020

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Poker Experience

Poker Experience


Poker is no longer just a game of cards, of bets, of chance or ability. In short, it seems that poker has become a normally accepted
game in our society, and being a good poker player does generate viewing, comments and admiration.

Even though it's on everyone's lips, it still is a great unknown. Its origin is not very clear but what we know is that the current popular poker was developed in American casinos around 1960; Texas Hold'em became popular at the beginning of the 20th century
and before you sat down at the table you had to be sure to have these three things with you: your money, eyes on the back of the
neck and a cowboy hat.

It has been a long time since then and the game has been modernized to adapt to our present days. Even poker jargon has been
introduced into our daily conversations with expressions such as "a poker face" or "have an ace up the sleeve". So much so, that poker has crossed all barriers and to place it in a single category is difficult. A fashion, a profession or a business? Anyway, let's not forget that poker is a game and its main attraction is fun. The truth is that learning to play poker is easier than it seems.


CASINO MARBELLA offers you the opportunity of a different type of evening with a private poker game for you and your friends. You decide the level, from a starters’ game where the croupier will teach you all the points to become unbeatable players, to as a private session if you are already experts, playing with chips or points.

And for the night to be complete, add a Gastronomic Experience in your restaurant before or after playing. Poker Experience is presented as an alternative leisure and fun activity on the Costa del Sol for companies and individuals within the best environment
of Marbella.

Casino Marbella
Hotel H10 Andalucia Plaza, s/n , Puerto Banus, 29660
+34 952 814 000
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