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Investing in a purpose built PASSIVE HOME

Investing in a purpose built PASSIVE HOME

An ecologically built home to maximise the use of natural resources while drastically reducing the use of energy, resulting in maximum energy efficiency. (The information is provided by MATECNO S.L. as a general guideline)

A passive home represents the energy saving of some 60% in a Mediterranean climate and 80% in a more rigorous climate while maintaining the higher level of thermal comfort needed.

According to available information, there are only 53 properties in Spain newly built to meet the stringent building requirements of a passive home; of these only 34 have succeeded in obtaining the official PassivehausInsitut certificate.

To obtain such a certificate, there are some basic bioclimatic design principles to be met involving a high level of thermal isolation, adequate air ventilation, the strategic location of windows and doors and a system of heat recovery.

This means that building such a property involves the prior detailed study of the local environment such as climate, sunshine hours, orientation, choice of materials to use, especially insulating materials, so as to achieve a constant temperature throughout the house whatever the outside conditions might be.


The question is to show how more will the building costs be. Considering the substantial energy saving compared to a traditionally built home, an additional cost of between 5% and 25% represents a well worth long term investment.

The advantages of a purpose built passive home can be summarised in a saving of some 90% in the cost of electricity, the incredible living comfort that climatisation provides, the reduction of environmental abuse and of course the saving which is calculated to amortise the investment at the rate of some 10% per annum.

For further and more accurate information and an estimation of costs please contact MATECNO S.L. who will be delighted to advise you.

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