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Joanna's Lifestyle

Joanna's Lifestyle

I am sure that this new Web Express Guide column will soon become something you will look forward to every month. I shall "guide" you and tell you all about glamour and business on the Costa del Sol; I shall interview people that have something special to

by Joanna van den Berg

On this first occasion, you need to know a little about me, I need to introduce myself. My family has been in the cinema business in a big way for 3 generations, so if you want to talk about glamour, believe me, I know all about it.
Shortly after leaving school in Holland, I worked as a fashion model and traveled all over Europe. Then I did the sensible thing, I got married and lived in Holland with my family. I have two sons and one daughter, now grown up. Two have businesses of their own in Portugal and in Antwerp; the other is a Television producer in Germany.
We moved to Belgium, but I did have my own interior furniture wholesale business in Antwerp as well as an interior design shop in the fashionable centre of Antwerp. I was even awarded a prize for furniture design in Holland, which means that interior design and furniture is another world I know very well.
Besides my business, I was involved with charity work in Holland and later also in Belgium. I was the only female on the board and founder with 5 others who started the Variety Club in Holland. I am sure that you do know that the Variety Club International is an American charity organization, dedicated to children. After 2 years of probation I was granted my charter in Sidney, together with Sammy Davies Jr., the Bee Gees and many other film stars.
While living in Belgium, as a director on the board of the charitable organization "Special Olympics", I organized all kinds of events with T.V. stars and other well known personalities. I was presented with a Gold Medal in 1999 by the King of Belgium.


After her three children had left university and got setteld, Joanna went back to New York. She opened her European Interior Decoration-Arts & Antiques - Floral Design Shop in 2001 in Brooklyn N.Y.
After almost 30 years of marriage, I felt my life needed a change, so I did the other sensible thing and, five years ago, I divorced. I went to New York to open an interior design shop in 2001.
Beautiful antiques, design furniture, carpets, paintings, silverware, flowers etc. were loaded on to many containers and sent to N.Y. All my dreams were finally coming true; however, after opening in March 2001… little did we know that in a few months my dreams would be suddenly shattered.
The fated 11th September completely changed my life, for me and my staff. I really do not want to remember the 11th of September. It was a disaster! I did not know what to do!
I went back to Holland closed my businesses in Belgium and felt that I did not want to do anything anymore.
Until… one day I went to visit my brother together with my parents. He had recently moved to Marbella from the Isle of Capri where he had lived for seven years.
He had bought a house and invited me to stay over Christmas. So I did, and look what happened! I never left!
From New York, the city that never sleeps I came to another place that never sleeps but with a big, big difference. Now I have the sun that shines every day for me in Marbella, it has lit up my heart and I am happy to open my window every morning and let it in with the every day life of the Costa del Sol.
I have now found a new challenge!
From next month in Web Express Guide you will be able to follow what I do and whom I meet, You will get to know me and … if you like to ask me for advice or you have something interesting to tell, please call me, from next month's Joanna's will be there for you.

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Meet Joanna here in Ireland 10 days ago

I meet Joanna here in Cork in the south of Ireland with her friend Betty who lives here. We had a few drinks and I also inviter her and her friend to my house for some more refreshments. I would greatly appreciate if you could put me in touch with this beautiful lady. My email address is We danced several times. My name is John

Rated: 5/5 (16th November 2008)

Editor's comments: I do not know her present whereabouts but hopefully she will see your note on the website.

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