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Build your own property in Spain

Build your own property in Spain

To ensure a good investment in exactly what you wanted.

by SebastiŠn Polinares

Whether you are looking to own a residential or a commercial/industrial property, you can buy your own plot of land and build according to your own design and specs to the standard you require.

True! But not that simple! Spanish red tape and their unusual ways of doing things can turn your project into a nightmare fraught with problems. That is unless you employ a
professional architect/building management firm that will ensure and personally guarantee that your job is done according to your requirements, in the standard and quality
you expect and, what is more important, within the specified time and costs. A slight deviation from the plan can make s serious difference between profit and loss.

As we have illustrated in previous editions, if you are buying land, make sure that you are aware of the differences between Rustic and Urban plots, which can also vary between
one local council and another.

Considering the types of land, the building regulations, the required licences, the purchase of materials, the use of materials and the controls necessary to building within the costs and time required, it makes good sense to employ the services of a Spanish reputable architect that will guarantee adherence to the agreed budget and building time.


Of course choosing the right firm is important and one such firms is MATECNO S.L. who undertake to investigate the feasibility of each project assimilating every aspect to present the promoter with two or three highly detailed budgets highlighting the differences in costs and advantages between different materials, qualities, builders and timing to completion They will cover every single possible aspect of the building procedure and report on a daily basis starting from licences, building permissions, compliance, architectural feasibility, just about everything including banking costs, notary’s costs and the rest.

The importance to note is that Vicente Boscá, at the head of his team will guarantee adherence to the financial and timing budgets. He believes in making absolutely certain that any deviation from the forecast is an improvement and not a step back whilst maintaining the highest standard of quality desired.

MATECNO, Architect
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