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Internet advertising has become a counter-productive nuisance.

Internet advertising has become a counter-productive nuisance.

It is impossible to say exactly, but there must be over one billion websites online in the world today. Promoting and placing your business in the internet “shop widow” is the main reason for having a website and that is certainly a very positive marketing stride.

It is simply fantastic to be able to promote one’s business and even to provide goods and services online, the idea being that it saves time and money and even costs to seller as well as buyer. But is it really happening as it was intended?

The problem starts when businesses want to tell you about their products and services and give you their website address while competing for visibility with the rest of the billion websites online.

Unfortunately, one thing that is being overlooked is that internet users, that is the consumers, are sick and tired of being pestered and bombarded with addresses, products and services all pushed down their throats. What a nuisance!

I, for one, am fed up to the back teeth when opening my e-mail every morning and having to try to identify those important messages that are genuinely intended for
me and my business. Some days I have to go through hundreds of junk-mails in order to delete it, making sure it was not a genuine message. Yes of course I mark each one as junk and block it, but they keep coming back again and again wasting my precious working time day after day. Apparently, you cannot really block spam.

Who wants to read them anyway? What is the point of them? You can try and increase the mail filter level, but then you run the risk of sending some genuine message to the junk file, so you have to go through the junk file anyway and check it before deleting its contents.

They say that nowadays the majority of people use mobile phones and tablets because of their versatility, and I agree. I use my mobile constantly through the day, unfortunately here again I get interrupted and become extremely annoyed with the unwanted popups that keep “popping up”. This is a real nuisance just as it is a nuisance when every time you try and look for something online.

Whilst it may be fun for teenagers to use mobile phones, and most of them do, it certainly is no fun for everyone else who wants to get on with his business, and it this
constant pestering that consumers dislike most. Any way the most serious consumers are not teenagers and kids.

Even the very search engines that are supposed to help find what one is looking for seem to be abusing the system. Take the “clicks per impression idea”.

It is a known fact that the ratio of success is 0.1-0.3%. This means that only one person out of 330 that see your ad will actually click on it. Perhaps it is clearer to say that 99.7% of all the people who see your ad won’t click on it! And what is worse is that 34% of clicks are by mistake. So, what is the point of duping the advertiser into thinking he is creating more awareness for his business when the greater benefit is represented by the amount the advertiser pays the search engine for the useless clicks.

Advertising is only getting more and more pervasive, obnoxious, and intrusive. According to recent consumer surveys, digital advertising doesn't exactly have the best report. Pop-ups interrupt the browsing experience at every turn. Creepy remarketing stalks you with the same display ad everywhere you go. Auto playing videos embarrass you in waiting rooms and on buses. You can hardly read a news article without having to scroll past a dozen ads and accidentally click on one of them.


After years and years of advertising, consumers generally dislike adverts. They see advertisements on buses, newspapers, magazines, notices, placards, posters and so
on, but these are inobtrusive. Consumers will look at them if they want to, if it pleases them to do so, if and when they are looking for something in particular. They have the choice to decide. What they do hate is the invasion of their privacy as for instance when they watch a TV program IN THEIR OWN HOME that gets interrupted forcing them to watch adverts against their will. It is like that phone call in the evening from the sales person that tries to sell you insurance or internet connection or something else.

In my view, online social pages are acceptable in as much as people and probable consumers will visit them intentionally by choice, which is very different from visiting a search engine in order to look for something specific and getting pestered by distracting and timewasting adverts and pop-ups.

According to recent statistics, it would seem that I may be right about what I am saying:

  • 91% of people say online ads are more intrusive today than 2-3 years ago
  • 87% say there are more online ads in general than 2-3 years ago
  • 79% feel like they're being tracked by retargeted ads.
  • Being tracked amounts to stalking, and that makes it even worse.

In my view, advertising businesses and consumers, are both being exploited by certain companies with the sole object of lining their own pockets under the pretext that they are helping advertisers to be seen by consumers. In reality they are achieving the opposite by making consumer sick of seeing advertisers and their products.

Advertisers should become aware of these negative factors if they want their advertising and promotion to be effective. They should stick to the unobtrusive type of adverts and use the internet as their online shop window.

Banners in search engines I believe are acceptable as long as they do interfere with searches but giving the users an opportunity of finding easier what they are looking for.

Quite frankly I believe “spammers” should be identified and heavily fined to discourage the use of such a destructive method of useless advertising.

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