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An exact diagnosis makes personalized medicine a reality

An exact diagnosis makes personalized medicine a reality

It is now more effective to differentiate precisely each type of cancer by the type of genetic mutation that causes each type.

Today we know more about cancer than we could have imagined. Due to the advancements made in the study of such mutations, traditional chemotherapy is more frequently replaced with therapies specific to each type of change to the DNA.

Identifying the mutations in the genes can provide information about the type of tumor that HC Marbella International Hospital HEALTH HEALTH each patient is suffering from. This is key to precise and personalized diagnosis and treatment, thus enabling targeted therapy.

Targeted therapy uses medications specific to the underlying DNA mutations that cause the tumor, which is a more effective and less toxic therapy than the traditional treatments.

HC Marbella, in their commitment to innovation do not only opt for the most innovative therapies but also for a precise diagnosis through genetic sequencing that
provides a deep understanding of what happens to each patient, making personalized medicine a reality.

For this reason, we have just signed an agreement with the American company Roche Farma – the exclusive provider of the Foundation Medicine test – through which we make three types of prognostic tests available to patients:

  1. Foundation One® for solid tumors.
  2. Foundation One Heme® for hematological tumors, sarcomas, and some pediatric tumors.
  3. Foundation ACT® to do blood sample analysis when there is not available tissue.


These tests offer molecular information obtained through the analysis of the genome of tumors and the identification of the specific treatments already authorized or in
clinical trials for each patient, resulting in:

  • Maximum precision in the therapeutic decision for each cancer patient.
  • Description of complementary therapeutic options for patients in Oncology; drugs aimed at therapeutic targets and possible clinical trials. Allthis related to the molecular alterations identified and present in the tumor of each patient.

Each patient is unique, therefore molecular profiling of the tumor is key to make appropriate clinical decisions. Genomic sequencing tests are suitable for all types of tumor.

At HC Marbella we do not only treat cancer, we treat the whole person. Ask us about your case. Our specialized consulting oncologists are leaders in Spain and recognized throughout Europe. They will assess the case and tell you if you may benefit from a Medicine genomic sequencing test. The team work in groups, multidisciplinary committee groups, and their goal is to obtain the best results.

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