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Building your own home in Marbella & on the Costa del sol

Building your own home in Marbella & on the Costa del sol

As the popularity of the Costa increases the availability of properties diminishes, therefore you may decide to build your own home or extend your existing one as a good measure for investment.

My recommendation is that it is advisable to obtain the services of a reputable architect or project manager who assumes the guaranteed ressponsibility to ensure that costs and building time are not exceeded over agreed budgets, as for example a reputable firm like Matecno S.L who do this all the time.

In any case we list below some words of advice which you may wish to consider:

  1. If you are buying land make sure it is classed as “urbano”, where the planning regulations zoned for development are clear. Avoid land which is classed as “rustico”
    without first getting some professional advice.
  2. Make sure you have enough land for a useful size garden.
  3. Check the Mains Services. Make sure your plot has all the mains services provided or confirmed.
  4. Financial Viability. Satisfy yourself that the value of your finished development will exceed costs. This is where you need your project manager.
  5. Beware of approximate building costs. You need to know exactly what it will cost you. A few days delay in completion or a small miscalculation on materials can
    the difference between make or break.
  6. Make sure you design for Energy Efficiency to save on heating or cooling costs and to improve the value of the property.


  1. Find a Project Manager or Architect that understands what you want. He will prepare and present you with a choice of options designed to be within your budget. He will also show you evidence of his previous projects as a reference to his expertise and experience.
  2. Get the Solar Orientation right. When considering plans, make sure that you will have enough shaded areas to combat the midday sun whilst ensuring you have enough light.
  3. ALWAYS use professionals. There is no room for misunderstandings because these can be costlier that you expect. I recommend a well-established firm with a substantial portfolio to support his experience and one that will guarantee to make good for any deviation from the budget. Also preferably one that is by the different planning departments in the council offices. Avoid the cowboys under all circumstances, real cheap can be real expensive.

Do it right and you will have a home that complies with regulations, that will give you years of enjoyment in a mild climate by the Mediterranean and most of all that
will represent a good investment because the demand for properties of this nature continues to be on the increase.

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