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Reductions in Autonomo Contribution 2018 (Tarifa Plana)

Reductions in Autonomo Contribution 2018 (Tarifa Plana)

From January, 2018 every new entrepreneur can benefit from a reduction to his social security contribution for 1 year at a flat rate of 50€/month.

This reduction represents a great financial opportunity for those who are considering starting as autonomo. After the first year, the social security contribution will increase  gradually to reach the standard amount, which in 2018 is 275€.

The following are excluded from this benefit:

  1. Administrators (directors) of limited  companies. These are expected to pay the full social security as a self employed individuals.
  2. Autonomo Colaborador.These are those who work to support another family member’s business but they do not have a business of their own. 3. Company Employees who additionally start up as an autonomos (These groups cannot benefit from the reduction stated here but they may be eligible for other reductions.)

Additionally, to be eligible for the reduction, the entrepreneur must not have been registered as an autonomo for the previous 2 years and he or she should owe no money to Hacienda or Social Security.

How much is the contribution?
The standard autonomo fee is 275€ per month. In some cases an additional amount is added for extra covers in the national insurance. In some circumstances these additions are mandatory so the final amount corresponding to any given circumstances can vary.

Based on the standard amount of 275.00€, the following table shows the applicable reduction and end figures for the general case.


Other Cases:
For men under 30, and women under 35, when registering, the following extension applies:

This can give sufficient time to establish a business and certainly now it is the time to start it!

If you want to know more about the changes introduced by the new law for autonomos, reserve online your free
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