Saturday, 4th April 2020

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Go forth and multiply!

Go forth and multiply!

Well that was the general idea butÂ… whatÂ’s happening? Ask the Prickly Pair.

What is all the fuss about lately? Why suddenly do we have a surge of so called career women winging and whining on about leaving it too late to have babies? Oh yes! Winging and whining just as the way they always described what they referred to as ‘stay at home mothers’. The thought of all those career women crying ”I want a baby now!”, but who are too old and fossilized in that region makes me puke.

Some of the typical excuses for not conceiving when they should have done are: - “I am too busy earning too much money” or “My job is too important, someone has
to do it”. Or the other excuse:- “when we had problems conceiving my lifelong dream of motherhood started to recede”. This was written by some woman aged 38 when she begun trying for a baby.

Has it ever crossed these women’s mind that Mother Nature gave them careers instead of babies for a good reason? Could that reason be that if they could put away work, money, men, holidays and themselves to get on with the job that women were placed on this earth for, they would probably make c..p mothers in the first place?

Of course the other excuse is that they never found the right man in time. So as well as being old and childless they also have no partner. At this point, do these women realise it could possibly be their fault not only for putting off breeding, but obviously for being the type of woman that also puts off men; probably by thinking so much of themselves so that nobody was good enough?

Anyway all is not lost with such a long career, the alternative is always available. They surely have enough money to buy a baby, a bit like Madonna. Yes, I mean adopting.


What about adopting?
This will give them the opportunity to harp on about their baby being more special because they were chosen. “What a load of bo…..s!” I say. How would they know how
special a child might be? They never had one of their own!Just this week some barren old prune was spouting: “We now have an adorable daughter”. Don’t get me wrong, this is great. But then she added that she could not love
her more if she had given her birth herself. Really? Well here I am hitting back. Yes, you could and would!

And when children get to be teenagers you just about tolerate them, but then they are yours. What is Mrs Superior going to do at that time? Blame her adoptive daughter’s genes? Or will she, like me say she’s just like her father?

There is one thing that really annoys me! Have you noticed how many people with no children give so much advice about them? I am sure these people always assume their off springs would be perfect. Yeah, keep that thought love.

Still, over the next few years I can see the cat owner’s population growing and perhaps the owners can learn to have them like their own.

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