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Who's Using Social Media and How?

Who's Using Social Media and How?

According to make researchers, social media is affecting our cognitive and intellectual development.

a. The Teens
Teenagers and students represent a vast number of users not involved in any professional work. Without Facebook they could have used their time to doing something more useful.

b. The Baby Boomers
The highest growth segment of social media users is the older generation above 40. People who’ve not grown up on social media/internet but are connecting with kids and friends like never before.

c. Adults
between 24-40 Most social media usage by adults happens during working hours, when they have access to the Internet and are not disturbed or to provide a distraction at a time when the brain cells need sleep.

The Social Media Cons
1. People across age groups are forming a regular habit bordering addiction to social media. This may further lead to: depression, lack of sleep, anxiety, loss in
confidence, feelings of loneliness and other such psychological issues.

3. A certain impact on work-productivity.2. We are seeing a rise in the incidents of bullying and other cyber crimes committed in the younger and older demographics.

One might get some inspiration from social media and plenty of us use it for work, but that makes it hard to calculate productivity gains & losses.

According to make researchers, social media is affecting our cognitive and intellectual development.

• Firstly it is developing addiction and consuming all our free time. You could read, painted, played a sport or other instead of playing candy crush or just stare at your Facebook blankly to see what others are posting.

• Secondly it has affected originality by making duplication easier. Basically, a vast amount of information available is letting people get to answers quicker and not necessarily allowing their brains to go through analytical reasoning or contemplation.

• According to a report it is argued that though higher usage traditional and social media erodes social and emotional development.

• We’re thinking and contemplating less: ‘People are unwilling to reflect more because it takes time and effort’


In an opinion piece, Liz Swan and Louis Goldberg share the far reaching consequences of instant media and social technologies on our overall communication, saying:
“But ironically, our ability to communicate instantaneously with each other via our devices has caused a regression in our language skills.

Tech-driven communication has blurred the traditional divide between verbal and written communications so that young people write like they speak, and sometimes, lack the skills to do otherwise. Social media have seduced us into transforming the formal, thought-enhancing written form of communication into an impersonal form of oral communication.”

BUT all is not lost!
a) Let us face it, if somebody is lethargic and unoriginal, he/she will always find some way to do things his way. Social media has just made it easier for such people. Those who are industrious are using it productively and building constantly on top of existing social media platforms.

b) We’re making more informed decisions and information asymmetries are being challenged. Social media has the potential to democratize information to anyone with access.

c) A lot of organizations and professionals are using it to grow their business. Social media is a great channel for someone new like a Startup or a small business to build reach without having to go through expensive channels. A lot of professionals, especially freelancers are finding work through these networks by networking with relevant people.

d) We’re in a world of constant inspiration and getting exposed to good sources of knowledge and creativity if we follow the right people or join the right groups. Like any new technology or change, social media does have its downside but it is mostly up to the user to extract the positive or negative result out of it!

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