Thursday, 28th January 2021
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Show me you do and call me. Even better come over and see me

This month I received a call from someone who is not worried about death as much as she is worried about dying alone.

“Years ago, we moved to Spain to retire and lived for many years a happy life together. Unfortunately my husband became ill and passed away last year. Now I am on my own, despite my advanced years I am well and can look after myself perfectly well, but the thought of dying alone in the house does frighten me somewhat. Who will know? Who will find me? What will happen to me? I have no one I know to talk to”.

I wonder what is more frightening, the thought of dying alone or the thought of not being discovered to receive a proper burial. I rather think it is probably the thought of seeing oneself out alone with no one to help overcome the trauma because once one is dad nothing earthly really matters any more.

This is exactly what I mean about talking. Through talking to someone such fears can be overcome, when you talk to someone you are not alone anymore and at the same time you also help someone else, simply by talking. So come on! Talk to me! It’s good for you and it certainly does me a lot of good to talk to you.


As a matter of fact you now have a unique opportunity to come and see me in person at the 50 Plus show on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of December at the Hotel IPV Palace & Spa, Fuengirola. You will find me on stand Nº29, help me to help you.

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