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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

How the mind can help the body Some 185,000 women in this country realise they have breast cancer.

As less than 25% of cases are due to genetic or other known risks, the diagnosis is often distressing. In this article we are looking at the psychological impact and offer some advice that can help to adapt to the condition and help to overcome it.

One of the worst moments for most women is finding out they have cancer, while some suspect a possible diagnosis others refuse to quite believe it and look for a second opinion or insist to retake the4 tests. What is sad is the mental confusion and emotional numbness on confirmnation of the diagnosis.

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer by the team at Oncología de HC Marbella International Hospital, we would like to make some suggestions that might ease getting over this phase:

  • Give yourself time to assimilate the diagnosis.
  • Ask the doctor to all you need to know about the illness and the treatments take active part with the medics.
  • Surround yourself with your loved ones and tell them what you feel, it will help you feel better.
  • Remember that the treatments are every time less toxic and more effective
  • And remember that the rates of cancer survival are increasing.The anguish usually continues even after overcoming the initial shock and these negative emotions can induce habits bad for health which is particularly worrying for the seriously ill.



Our Oncology Unit suggests the following to overcome this other phase:

  • If you have had to have a mastectomy, ask for a breast reconstruction at the same time and avoid the experience of seeing yourself without breasts. With modern techniques it is now possible to reconstruct breasts with texture and shape very similar to the original.
  • Psychologists and other mental health professionals can be of enormous help.  Their main aim is to help women overcome the physical and emotional changes and how to deal with their partners.
  • Flexibility and family unity, with an open communication, will greatly help the whole family to adapt to the situation, in cases it can even strengthen the bond.

After the cure, while some women feel that cancer has been a devastating experience with fear of the return of cancer, others tend to describe it as something that has helped them to appreciate life much more.

Our advice to help you overcome this phase is to::

  • Try and concentrate on the present.
  • Do some physical exercises. It has been proven that the medical prescribed exercise even during chemotherapy and radiotherapy is rather beneficial.
  • Gradually get back to your usual routine, but not before ypur physical an mental rehabilitation.
  • And never forget to cry when sad. The heaviest tear is the one that you do not shed, but remember to be strong.

Do consult us about yourself or another close person. Our specialized oncologists are leaders in Spain and recognized throughout Europe. They work together in multidisciplinary committee groups to offer you a coordinated team, all of them are dedicated to getting the best results.

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