Wednesday, 1st April 2020

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Whats on TV ?

Whats on TV ?

What a load of CÂ…P! say the Prickly Pair

Is it just me that has noticed? Are we now into 2 generations of stupid people? That is the kids of today and their parents too? It would seem so!

On one of my rare days off, I happened to switch the television on and I chanced upon show after show of sad losers. You know the ones! Normally two old sl - - s fighting over an incoherent manky toothed, spotted face, drug taking excuse of a man. Apparently he had impregnated one old dog while in a relationship with another old dog. Or did he?

Bring on the lie detector! I assume after hours of questioning, and that’s just to get his name right, he will or will not be proven to be the father (Poor child!). It is at this point that he will normally say: “If the kid is mine, I want to step up to the mark”. Step up to the mark? He could not even step on moving stairs up to the next floor!

Why does Mother Nature give these zombies a bigger sperm count than brain cells? Something has gone wrong here!

If it is proven that the poor mite is his, he will state that he wants to look after it. After it? Most of them can’t even pull up their trousers! What he really means is that he would like to move in with the mother as they would both like the taxpayers to look after them.

Let’s take a peek at other useless and unentertaining programs. What’s the point of the program titles “Loose Women”? Represented by a group of old has-beens,
pretending to be hip, sexy and interesting. Go home ladies please, and clean the oven or do something useful!

If you are still loose at your age, it’s for a reason, unless you mean medically and that just comes with age, my loves.

Hoh! Have you heard of “Dancing on Wheels”? It’s comparable to a program like dancing on ice but for people on wheelchairs. Surely that should be hand jiving on wheels because dancing normally involves arms and legs, unless you are Heather Mills. I never noticed her twisting again like last summer.




And what about cooking programs? “Kill it! Cook it! Eat it!” For goodness sake, that’s not new! Isn’t this what man did after advertising on the net some years back or
Denis Wilson or even Hannibal Lecter?

Then of course we have those agony aunts who pop up on various daytime programs. These women are probably and normally so lonely that they take on other people’s problems. Should one assume they have no family or friends of their own? How Sad!

Can I dare to mention something about c- -p in the attic?. Just because it’s old it certainly doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Look at Peter Strring fellow, for example. And for one last and quick at the Egg Heads,alI can say they’re more like k..b heads! Yes you know whom I talking about. P.J. , I bet you were well bullied at school!
On my next day off I think I shall stick to a good book!

Till next time, it’s goodbye from me!

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