Thursday, 28th January 2021
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Caring about others but mainly about one self

“I have read you article in the previous edition and I believe I need to express my feelings and fears hoping that it will help me to come to terms with the inevitable. We spend our entire lives dreading death and then, before we know it, it’s upon us; the lease runs out.”

This is just one example of a number of calls I received in the last few weeks. I know, it sounds like a distress signal and I hope that our lengthy conversation over the phone has been of help to appease the obvious anxiety.

It is of course quite natural that the fear of death grows as we get older, the strange thing is that it comes a point in old age when the inevitable is faced and the anxiety and sadness is replaced with overall calm and satisfaction because one the real cause of fear is the fear of losing our earthly possessions, which includes our dearest.

I cannot help with the unknown, you might believe in being reunited with your loved ones, in re-incarnation or that nothing happens after death, it all remains as one of
the great life’s mysteries. The only thing we know is that people who have been through near death experiences report seeing bright lights, intense feelings of peace, seeing life flash before their eyes and even meeting loved ones.



Whatever happens, we are here now! I am doing my best to share my thoughts with you and nothing pleases me more than to see or hear of your own feelings, be it fear or be it a need of information. Please do keep calling me, share with me.  

Information sharing is power and it makes both parties feel good. Remember, in addition to the phone numbers, I have created a web page that will make sharing your thoughts with me even easier, just visit see for yourself, information flow is what the Internet is about. In any case, if you prefer, you should not miss an opportunity to meet me, I shall only be delighted to see you in person.

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