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Complementary Medicine in HC Marbella International Hospital

Complementary Medicine in HC Marbella International Hospital

Personalised support for your conventional treatment

What is complementary medicine?
It is a set of practices and products that are a complement to conventional medicine.
At HC Marbella, we include in complementary medicine, specific aspects of Nutrition, Psychology, Acupuncture, Yoga, “Mindfulness”, and Physiotherapy in consultation with a Medical Coordinator and Advisor.

What is the benefit for us?
The beneficial effect in respect of certain conditions has been scientifically proven, as in: rheumatic diseases, fibromyalgia, back pain, cardiovascular, urologic, gynecologic, oncological diseases…, and some complementary treatments may even be recommended by specialists in respect of fertility.

In the cases of oncological diseases, we want to make it clear that in no way complementary medicine replaces your cancer treatment: it just complements it.

onventional cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy) remain indispensable for the proper management of the disease but, like all drugs,
sometimes they have uncomfortable side effects with the result that these additional complementary therapies aim to alleviate them.


Complementary medicine can help you live better with the disease, often relieving the side effects of the conventional treatments, while also helping to physically recover from the sometimes aggressive treatment.

At our Complementary Medicine Unit, we intend to help patients avoid making the mistake of looking for alternative medicine treatments unless they have a scientifically proven benefit, we always offer options subject to strict medical criteria.

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