Tuesday, 7th July 2020

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New Social Security Contributions

New Social Security Contributions

Minimum Autonomo's contribution from July 2017

An increase to social security contributions for the self-employed was instituted from July. This is due to the fact that the basic wage has been increased from 893.10€ to 919.80€.

As a result it follows that the contribution of a self-employed individual (autonomo) increases by 3%. This means that the minimum basic contribution now goes up to 275 €/month. (96€ more per year)

It follows that the minimum contributions depending on their classification also go up as follows:

  • Autónomos covering professional contingencies: 275 €/month.
  • Autónomos with right to unemployment benefits: 282 €/month.
  • Autónomos covering any contingencies: 291 €/month.
  • Autónomos older than 48 years: 296,94€/month.
  • Autonomos directors of a limited company: 318€/ month


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