Saturday, 6th June 2020

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Introduction of NEW MEASURES to help the self employed

Introduction of NEW MEASURES to help the self employed

This new legislation is now ready to be applied from the end of June or early July

Some of the changes are aimed at giving greater assistance to the autonomos are:

  1. Deduction of up to 12€€ per day for meals. Previously tax inspections rejected meal expenses for the self-employed. To apply the expense must meet some requisites:
    • It must be dated in a working day.
    • It should be backed with a proper invoice.
    • The meal must be served by an establishment in the restaurant sector. (not supermarkets, shops, etc…)
  2. More insurance coverage.
    From now on commuting time will be taken as part of the working time. This affects the work accident insurance that embrace accidents occurring while going to and from work. Benefits for work accidents are greater than non work related accidents. This will only apply to autonomos that contribute to it.


       3 . Extended reductions for new autonomos. A most welcomed measure is the extension of the already existing 80% reduction in the social security contribution from 6 to 12 months. The contribution can be as little as 50€ per month for the first year for those that opt for the minimum contribution. This reduction comes at a good time, when many will increase their workload due to summer or find a new business.

These new measures, in combinations with LimitConsulting’s plans for accounts and tax, give you the opportunity to start any business idea at the back of your mind.
Of course there is a number of other measures in this new law for autonomo workers that we will comment in our blog at and in coming issues of this magazine.

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