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Da Bruno - The Italian Restaurant in Marbella

Da Bruno - The Italian Restaurant in Marbella

Where the greatest height of true Italian cuisine blends with the decor of a Venetian Palace.

by Elisabeth Da Costa

Bruno and Giuseppina Filippone, with more than 50 years culinary experience which is needed to satisfy the most demanding Italian palate, one day in 1994 visited Marbella  and loved it so much that they decided to make it their home.

Their aim is to provide Marbella and the Costa del Sol with the best possible traditional  Italian   cuisine while observing the latest trends; a true ambassador of the uniquely  traditional     Italian cuisine.

In the first place they want to be certain they serve the freshest quality  produce available, this is why the menu is changed according to the seasons yet  offering an ample selection of dishes fusing together the flavour, aromas and colours of  Italian traditional cuisine. The pasta is made freshly every day and the kitchen is even  prepared to cater for any individual client’s food intolerance, such as gluten.

 Eating at ‘Da Bruno’ restaurants you are guaranteed to enjoy the rest of the menu be  it fresh fish, different meats and of course the traditional authentic Italian pizzas.

 Clearly the high quality and originality of the food, the impeccably elegant décor and the excellent service and attention to clients have made ‘Da Bruno’ a most sought out restaurant that in 5 different locations in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, all providing the same quality of food, service and decor.

The very large and spacious dining areas provide a unique comfort that is rare on the Costa. The tables are so spaced out that there is no danger of feeling enclosed or too close to other diners.


The amount of space available means that the restaurants can be adapted to all sorts of events and entertainment. Live music is one of the additional pleasures offered to diners to complete the dining experience and ambiance with a touch of magic. As a matter of fact musical events are programmed on a monthly basis because the vast dining areas and terraces also present and ideal location for all types reunions and celebrations within a special and unique environment.

Italian cuisine has reached enormous popular proportions this is evidenced by the number of Italian restaurants in every corner of the world from Japan and China to everywhere in Europe and of course the USA. Even in Russia where there are 500 Italian restaurants in Moscow alone. Regretfully not all these serve the real thing; outside of Italy, you should be sure to choose the right restaurant. This is why Da Bruno restaurants are so special.

Remember that regular visits to a restaurant make you a very important person, you could ask for the Da Bruno’s V.I.P. card and the special advantages it offers.

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