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Lets talk about the questions

Lets talk about the questions

An exhilarating Experience - By Leslie Thomson

As mentioned in a previous edition, in collaboration with Blacktower Financial Management, the Red Cross Ambulance, the Town hall of Mijas and that of Benalmádena
we were given the opportunity to give a talk on “Dying in Spain”.

It was exhilarating experience. I know that people are remiss to talk about “kicking the bucket” but once in the mood the flow of questions ….and answers…..not only was it informative to the attendees but illuminating to me too.

Many of the questions asked were clearly based on true stories. One particular person asked me what is the situation should someone die in the street, which authority supersedes the other because there are three, mainly the Guardia Civil, the Policia Nacional and the Policia Local.

I am sure you might like to know the answer to that, so I suggest you come up and see us at the next talk, you will definitely find it a good experience. It did not take long before the whole meeting was buzzing with questions and answers.

Obviously we cannot mention names but some of the comments made to me subsequently were as follows:-

“Following your talk I’ve done the following...”
“I made copies my documents as you suggested”
“I informed and talked to the family”
“Is there anything else you suggest I do?”
“My wife and I have purchased a Funeral Plan
thanks to your talk.”
“Could you share with me a copy of your talk?”



This is why I say it was “exhilarating”. That the talk should be a call to action is probably the best measure of a message being transmitted clearly.

There will be another talk sometime in September, but you need not wait to be informed, drop us a line, give us a call, come to our offices (we’re open Monday to Friday
from 9 to 2 and 4 to 8).

To my fellow presenters I wish to say “Thank You” for creating an ambience of ease for Q&A and to both town Halls, Mijas and Benalmádena, not only a “Thank You” but
also congratulations for their concern with the well being of Foreign Residents.

For you information, the persons behind the scenes are Annette and Katja for Mijas Council and Joanna for Benalmádena. Their bosses are M Roy Pérez Vierick and Ana
Scherman Martin respectively.

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