Saturday, 8th August 2020

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The Web Express Guide Recommended Real Estates

Yes, it is on the Radio too, on O.C.I. 101.6 FM, you can also hear it at any time you wish on, and all you need to do is click on the "Radio Broadcast" button and then the "play" button on the drop down window.

We intend to keep in touch with all the recommended estates on our list on a regular basis, mainly just to see if the recommended list has been of help to them and if they have any idea that can be used to improve what we do.

Claire Sibbley of Brentwood Estates, definitely thought that the concept is very good, she also showed the last edition to her partners in the U.K. who agreed.
"I think that this is particularly useful for the smaller agents who offer a personal service to clients" she said, "Buyers are now looking for cheaper properties, even in other areas, and although we do get a number of recommendations, we attend to quite a few clients that are sent to us by our collaborators in the U.K. and clients which we do find through our own private exhibitions. It is very useful to be able to show prospective buyers that we are on the recommended list of Web Express Guide. We intend to take some of the books with us to the U.K. for this purpose, but then there is also the advantage that it can be seen and even heard on-line.


This is really quite good and I think that it really does help to reassure the buyer."
We are pleased that this month a few more agents have understood what we are trying to do and have joined our select list.
We would like to remind all readers that we would like to hear of any problems they might have had when purchasing their property on the Costa del Sol.

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