Monday, 25th January 2021
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Where do Undertakers go

Where do Undertakers go

when their time is up?

Well, I suppose this is probably the classic question that applies to all professionals. Where does a doctor go when he is ill? He just needs another doctor, of course! One that he can rely on to make him better as quickly as possible and… with discretion. What would his patients think if they found out he used another doctor? Professionals can trust their friends but they do need professionals to rely on.

So what do you do when you need a professional? Whom can you rely on? How many undertaker friends do you have when you may need a funeral? Probably none; so what can you do to fi nd your professional friend that you can trust? The common denominator can be described in one word: - “empathy”.

Unfortunately the two do not usually go together thus leaving very little choice available. However there is a diff erence with undertakers, they do, especially those long established family concerns such as Camero. They get to know several of their colleagues over the many years; this means that they acquire a well balanced knowledge of whom they will trust with their dear departed.




Not many possess the gift of empathy, the ability to understand and feel what others feel, and the ability to cry when watching a sad movie. So if the person you’re talking to comes across as empathic and professional you’re defi nitely on the right track.

Because you’re reading this we can presume that one of your favourite quotes is Benjamin Franklin’s “by failing to prepare you’re preparing to fail”. So how do you avoid “failure” in something where there are no second chances of getting it right? Th is is the reason why we ask you to call us, talk to us.

Why not call three companies and ask them over the phone to send you information by email. You’ll be surprised how well honed your instinct it. And THIS is what we undertakers do….Trust Our Instinct Based on Experience.

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