Thursday, 28th January 2021
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I have more than a question for you. But...

I have more than a question for you. But...

As one of the longest and most established undertakers, we deal with death on daily basis and almost every hour. Announcing an open questions event.

Our calling is to endeavour to avoid any added pain to the bereaved by putting the best of our experience and care in overcoming hurdles, we are human and we cannot fail to see the signs of pain, We do our best, and a major part is listening.

We listen to your questions, your fears and doubts, and give you the best possible advice. Talking is probably the greatest assistance we can offer, this is why we are extending our invitation to keep talking to us. It does help.

We also know that it can help others, at times uncomfortable with the issue, when they read or hear about your personal fears or question.

This is why we have jumped at the opportunity to join the Foreign Department at the Town Hall in Cala de Mijas in their informal open  chat in English.

This will give you the opportunity to ask me and other speakers whatever questions you may have and give me the opportunity to listen to you in person.



This event will take place on the 27th April at 12:00; it is an opportunity not to be missed. Everyone is welcome from anywhere and please do ask everything about anything you need to know that may concern you as a resident in Spain, including inheritance tax, medical, residence and so on. Even the Red Cross will be present.

The event will then conclude with a small reception and an additional opportunity to mingle and chat. The address is Edificio Cala del Sol, Bulevar La Cala 45, La Cala, 29649.

For further information please do call me

English Funeral Directors Costa del Sol
Francisco Camero S.L., Avd. Juan Luis Peralta, 4, 29639
902 200 625
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