Saturday, 30th May 2020

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Whats Hot - Games

Whats Hot - Games

This month I am introducing another couple of absolutely epic games that are guaranteed to impress gamers.








Mass Effect: ANDROMEDA

In the year 2185, around the same time Cmdr. Sheppard was attempting to warn the galactic community of the danger the Reapers posed, a human scientist and explorer Jien Garson founds and launches the Andromeda Initiative - designed to extend the reach of the galactic civilization into the Milky Way’s neighboring galaxy.

Initial release date: March, 21
Publisher: EA
Developers: Bioware
Platforms: PS4 , Xbox One & Microsoft PC
Modes: Single player & Multiplayer









Horizon Zero Dawn

In the near future, humanity has mastered holographic and robotic technologies. However, some unknown calamity causes the human civilization to collapse, leading machines to dominate the planet. Many years later, the remaining humans have regressed to primitive tribal societies, with their technologically advanced predecessors vaguely remembered as the
“Old Ones”. Despite living at the mercy of the machines, humans have been able to peacefully coexist with them, only having to occasionally hunt machines for parts.

Initial release date: February, 28
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developers: Guerrilla games
Platforms: PS4.
Modes: Single player.

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