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Afraid to be buried alive?

Afraid to be buried alive?

Following m article in November last year “Talk to me”, I am pleased to say that some have actually contacted me to help them put their mind at rest mainly from the fear of dying.

We often have clients and friends asking us strange questions or making comments that they believe are highly unusual. I thought that on this occasion I would like to quote a comment that was made by “Eddie”, (shhh…! the editor of this magazine).

He told me that his mother had made the request that when her time came that she be cremated rather than buried. The reason given was her fear that she might be
buried alive or that she would come back to life after burial. Eddie asked me if this was really strange and if others had ever spoken of this.

The fact is ….not THAT strange…..the fear of being buried alive (vivisepulture) is as common as fear of death itself. Deciding to make sure that it does not happens, opting for cremation does take courage, if you believe you may still be alive. The truth is that the chances of any of this occurring nowadays are practically impossible. There was a time where cases of catalepsy could be diagnosed as “death” but those days are truly over. 



I thought that this comment or short story is particularly interesting in that it represents a good question that I have often been asked in the past and a natural fear to overcome. I know this is not something you want to talk about, but I am here to try and help you.

As I said before I deal with death every day of my life. Any questions you may have are good, so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to share or ask about drop me a line at Camero, give us a call and tell us about it, or, if you prefer just let me know what topic you would like dealt with and we will bring it up in the next issue.

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