Wednesday, 27th May 2020

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Editor's Introduction

Editor's Introduction

Welcome to the first edition of Web Express Guide. Thank you for the support received to encourage me to start introducing this new concept on the Costa del Sol and a particular "thank you" to certain persons.

Welcome to the first edition of Web Express Guide!

     Initially, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to all those who have encouraged me and helped me to realise and materialise this publication.

In particular I wish to express my gratitude to: Mr. Baghai, Maite Pueyo, Charles Cruz, Simon Cruz, José Luis Sanchez, Rupert Epping, Heinz Erbacher, Paco Ramirez , Natalia Galera, José Antonio Nieto, Deborah Silveti, Darryn Welch, Chris Chaplow and of course my wife Julia. It is their support and encouragement that have considerably contributed to my motivation. 

The way I see it, the Internet is the most powerful communication tool available to human kind today. It combines all the conceivable communication systems into one with the result that the whole world is now available into every one´s home, wherever it might be.

Through the Internet you can see what the weather is like on the Costa from your home in Germany or anywhere, you can put the lights off, shut the curtain, see and control your valued villa in Spain from any part of the world and much more. But most of all you can communicate, give and receive information, offer and buy products or services with the least inconvenience from anywhere to anywhere in the world. 


In order that the Internet may fulfil its true potential, it should be accessible to all and not just the few million enthusiasts who spend hours in front of a screen enjoying their hobby and boasting to others about their abilities. Every computer sold in these days, comes with the "Internet Provided", so everybody should be able to use it, every member of the family, and yes, even do the shopping through the Internet. Why not?

While most of the Internet publications are too complex and boring to be understood by the lesser of us, while searching the Internet for something specific is a task shrouded by statistics of success, understood only by addicted "surfers" who do it for sport, the many million potential users who would really make the Internet reach its peak and encourage further technology, are left out in the cold. Of course we can find a phone number by calling directory enquiries, but what would it have been like if someone had not come out with a localised telephone book! 

I have created "Web Express Guide" with the intention to publish monthly articles that can be understood by all. To encourage the use of Internet by all. To promote trade and business via the Internet. To encourage users to contact us with their questions. At the same time, to create a local, classified Web Page Directory, that will grow each month for the benefit of all, users and advertisers alike. 

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