Tuesday, 2nd June 2020

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Are we still the American lapdog?

We hope to reach again a Europe United but purged of the slavery of ancient, classical time - a Europe in which men will be proud to say “I am a European”.

We hope to see a Europe where men of every country will think as much of being a European as of belonging to their native land, and that without losing any part of their love and loyalty to their birthplace. We hope wherever they go in this wide domain, to which we set no limits in the European continent, they will truly feel “Here I am at home.

I am a citizien of this country too”
Winston Churchill

9th May 1948


If only Theresa May used her persistence and arduous efforts to maintain membership of the E.U. and to argue better conditions for the U.K.’s position, not only would it solve a lot of problems but it would ensure the continued success of a strong market and a United Europe.

I believe that we must not ever lose vision of the fact that the world is divided by 4 great powers and nations: U.S.A. – Russia – China – Europe. Anyone else falling outside that division is just a small fly into the ointment that can easily be dealt without batting eyelid, say for example North Korea and Iran. This I believe is the direction the United Kingdom is taking, at par with the rest of the world, outside Europe.

So what does the present U.K. government decide to do? We have seen the pound fall every time T. May opens her mouth, we have seen the value of shares hit their lowest levesl, we are seeing the threat of substantial foreign companies leaving the U.K. to move to Europe, we can see the financial strength shifting from London to Europe, we have seen the reluctance of E.U. companies to give any concessions to the U.K. and in the meantime we are bamboozled into believing that the economy is better now than before Brexit.

Of course it gives the appearance to be better, when consumers are thrown into panic buying in fear of substantial imminent price increases after Brexit!

A deal with the U.S.A. will never be enough to replace the market loss represented by the E.U. market. That is if a deal can be reached; did not Trump say he would make a deal after and not before Brexit? What kind of irresponsible P.M. would rely on these words given the volatility of the man and the evident differences that exist?

Of course there are substantial differences for Britain to have to disagree with Trump when British M.P.s like Zahawi may be banned from the U.S.A. What about the Mayor of London? Is he banned too; and all other UK “bona Fide” Muslim citizens? Is it not false and two-faced not to disagree with Trump at a public press conference?

What makes Teresa May believe that Trump will make a deal after Brexit? Basing the future economy of the United Kingdom on a “passing comment” is irresponsible in my book.

To say that Brexit would be achieved even ignoring Parliament’s rejection to the triggering of Art. 50, not only is illegal but totally irresponsible. Parliament was elected and trusted to decide in the best interests of the people it represents. As far as I can see T. May was never elected in the first place. I thought that my forefathers fought a war to protect us from tyranny and dictatorships; we just cannot allow it to take place.

Of course the U.S.A. welcomes Brexit, it suits them to weaken and break up the European Union. It undoubtedly also suits Russia and China. What is happening? Is the greed for personal ambition taking over common sense?

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