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Does the Papal Announcement on Ashes (Cremations) affect you

Does the Papal Announcement on Ashes (Cremations) affect you

The first thing to bear in mind is that this edict in no way affects legal and practical aspects of funerals in Spain.

It only impacts the Practicing Roman Catholics, their funereal ceremonies and churches. So, if you are NOT a Roman Catholic and are not going to use Roman Catholic facilities nor the Services of a R.C. Priest this DOES NOT affect you. 

Also practically all the cemeteries are State or Privately owned and the chapels therein are either ecumenical or non-denominational. 

If you do follow the practices of the Roman Catholic Church the guidelines established by the church are summarised as follows: 

You may have the ashes at home, BUT they must be in an area of the house conducive to meditation and respect.

 Alternatively & ideally they should be placed in Consecrated Cemeteries or Columbaries owned by the church.  Private or Public Cemeteries are also acceptable.


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