Friday, 10th July 2020

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Business Activities have defined different levels of risk, depending on the potential risks of your business there are certain requirements that need to be met Risk Prevention.

Any company employing people is obliged to implement a plan of accidents preventions at work and other potential risks that may transpire. If the number of employees exceeds 25 it is required that the employer creates a specific department dedicated to risk management.

In the case of smaller companies, the risk prevention management aspect can be outsourced to a qualified professional who will supervise along with the company director or business owner the risks and precautions to be taken to avoid accidents.

The professional adviser will know the laws applicable to risk management in respect of your particular activity and will help you to conform to legislation to avoid civil liability action in case of an incident and of course to prevent penalties and sanctions in case of an inspection.The certification of your risk management consultant is also required even when you offer your services to a larger company, in accordance with article 24 of Risk prevention Law.

The 3 aspects of Risk Management. There are risks related to your work place and others inherent to your profession.

You will need to assess the first and be trained to handle the second. The 3 main pillars of Risk Management are:

  • Risk Assessment and proposal of corrective measures.
  • Training in danger management depending on your field of activity.
  • Health checks for employees.



An ongoing process.
The aspects of Risk Management mentioned above naturally are an ongoing process. Your Risk Prevention Plan must reflect any changes over time.

The medical checks of employees must be done every year and every time a new employee joins the staff.

In the past there used to be no fine if a work inspector found that a low risk company did not have a Risk Prevention Plan. However, this has changed now, and more and more surprise works inspections are carried out to ensure that all companies have an existing Risk Prevention Plan and that they conform to it.

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