Thursday, 28th January 2021
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Dont just die on me.

Dont just die on me.

Talk to me first!

I often ask myself why every creature on earth has to die. We have seen our grandparents and members of our family die, with greater frequency que have also seen our pets die; all to leave a great sense of emptiness in our hearts.

Death is inevitable nobody can escape it, we all know it, and so what do we do about it? We just sweep it under the carpet and ignore it hoping it will go away while we carry on with our lives. It is a silent acceptance of fate and a silent hope that the final day is as far away in the future as possible.

In reality the thought is always present in our minds, life itself reminds us of it every day but we just don’t talk about it especially when it refers to our own self.



No, it is not a sign of cowardice to talk about our own death; it is not selfish either provided you find someone willing to talk to you about it. I do not mean about the spiritual side of it, for that you need a priest or an afterlife belief. I mean talk about your earthy concerns and even fears in preparation to the final departure and what happens to your body and those you leave behind.

Talk to me!! Call me!! I do not have a vaccine to cure death but I have a lot of answers to your questions. Answers that will put you mind at rest before your body.

Whatever your doubts, whatever your questions do not hesitate to call me and I shall be as sincere as one can be. You see, I deal with death every day of my life! 

Call me at the English department on 902 200 625 we are available 24/7.


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