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Sanitation Licence

Sanitation Licence

The Sanitary licence is essential to certify hat an establishment handling food is keeping an acceptable standard of sanitation and hygiene control. By Limit Consulting

In order to obtain the licence, the business needs to present a detailed description of its procedures prepared by an authorised sanitation technician, which is proof that the sanitary aspects of the establishment are
periodically being reviewed and supervised by a qualified sanitary inspector.

Sanitation authorities normally inspect the premises before issuing a permanent sanitary licence. They inspect the entire premises, the refrigerators; utilities etc… and determine whether these meet the required standards. They also review the distribution channels, most importantly, the origin of the company’s products. All suppliers also need to have a sanitary licence.

The preparation required for the company to obtain the licence frequently involves:

  1. A pre-examination detailing the requirements needed to obtain a successful evaluation by Sanitary Authorities and advice on the changes to implement.
  2. Preparation of technical documentation in which the procedures are explained.
  3. Implementation of self-control hygiene plans and training of supervisors.
  4. Submission of application forms, payment of tax and following up on results.
  5. Technical assistance with the Authorities who will inspect the premises.



Which companies are obliged to obtain a Sanitary Licence?
All businesses involved in any of the following areas of food distribution:

  • Production
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Export/ Import

What can happen if I trade my products without the sanitary licence?
Law (Real Decreto) 191/2011 stipulates the obligation to obtain this licence, and it establishes the fines and penalties for companies that do not meet this requirement.

All companies in the food distribution chain are obliged to request the Sanitary registration number of their suppliers.

If you are planning to run a business that requires a sanitary licence, let us assist you at all stages.

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