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Why Plan my funeral

Why Plan my funeral

In two words: “Due Diligence”

“Price is always the issue.” This is actually false. The real aggravation for the bereaved is the pain for the loss which is enhanced by a feeling of inability to deal with strangers, of not being sure if one is fulfilling
the deceased’s wishes, and, of course: “am I being ripped off?”

“The vultures are hovering”
Yes, there are individuals who fit the description to a “T” but they are a distinct minority. And it is precisely “Due Diligence” that will practically eliminate the possibility of falling in their hands (claws).

“Are these the right people?”
References and recommendations are a good starting point but, if you don’t meet them….. remember “one man’s meat…….”

“Why should you go through this uncomfortable process?”
Because once it is done one’s own feeling of relief, and of our loved ones, is huge. 

“Once I’m gone….it’s someone else’s problem”
Remember… some point you’ll surely be that “someone else” Nobody wants to talk about dying or talk about death, unfortunately it is inevitable and it will happens to every living person or creature as sure as tomorrow is another day.



Therefore considering a funeral plan is one way to force us to comply with our diligence. Funeral costs continue to rise each year, the longer we live the more it will cost this is why the main reason for considering the purchase of a funeral plan is to fix the cost at today’s prices not just so but it can be paid in one lump sum or by instalments.

The added bonus is that a funeral plan will relieve the family of a serious headache and problem at a time of stress or even possible financial difficulties.

As opposed to using the services of a company that only deals with funeral plans, using an established Spanish funeral director that offers a funeral plan such, as Camero, will guarantee that the funeral will take place exactly as planned, without failures and with no other costs to be added.

Even if you don’t purchase a plan after considering various alternatives you will be in a better position to reduce the stress for, either yourself or your loved ones. However for this exercise to be of any value you must share the results of your research with those who might have to take care of “things” at the time of bereavement.

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