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Can all women paint their lips red

Can all women paint their lips red

Red is the most desired colour but also one of the most difficult to wear.

An impeccable smile

Some women are reluctant to use red lipstick because they say it makes their teeth look yellow. Others just use it not caring that their enamel is not as crisp white as other colours. Although red creates this disagreeable optical effect this can be avoided without giving up on red lipstick, as for instance raspberry tones do not create this yellowing effect, therefore we should choose a red

Yes size does matter!

Almost everyone can wear the red bar with one exception: those with extremely fine lips. If they are irregular they can be painted over but if they are very thin there is not much that can be done because such a strong shade will create an optical effect that will reduce the lips even further.

On the other hand even the thicker lips cannot use any type of red. Matt shades are the best indicated otherwise the shine will make them appear even more

Skin Tones 

Colour theory is a complex discipline that professionals apply in their colour counselling sessions. They say that people are divided by their skin tones into two harmonies. The first is the cold one, with a pigmentation leaning towards the blues and the pinks. This includes the “winter” type (white skin and light or darker brown that tan easily)

The second is the warmer harmony for pigmentations tending towards yellow or golden, including the “spring” type (peach or golden skin) and “autumn”(Reddish complexion, yellow or white). Depending on the pigmentation of our skin, we should favour shades that contain our natural colour so that they may blend to reflect our natural beauty and luminosity.

For example, if you are of a cold harmony red Valentino or raspberry will suit you best because they contain pink, a shade that is part of our skin and which blends perfectly with it. Whereas for the warm harmony, orange is favourite because it contains yellow, a pigment within the skin.



How to find which is your type? Carefully observe the difference in a mirror comparing with different handkerchiefs of various colours, you will clearly see which look good and which look bad and discard accordingly to isolate your type. Not an easy thing to do with the naked eye, but do not despair, if you cannot do it by yourself there are experts available who can do just that.

In general terms remember:-
Winter: Red Valentino very intense and vibrant
Summer: a softer red like raspberry or burgundy
Spring: coral or orange
Autumn: terracotta and orangey

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