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Consider your familys stress and you own R.I.P

Consider your familys stress and you own R.I.P

It makes sense to plan ahead with a funeral plan.

It is all very well when you are around surrounded by your family, supporting each other emotionally and financially but have you considered what happens if you are no longer there? Consider the emotional stress caused by your terminal departure from this world and the costs that they will be faced with.

In any case surely you would want to plan your own funeral and make certain that it is done according to your own wishes whilst easing the burden to your family not just financially but also with decisions making at a most stressing time.

The cost of funeral, cremations or burials is rising every day, a funeral plans gives you the opportunity to plan and pay for your own funeral arrangements at today’s prices. You can pay for the plan in one lump sum or you can opt to make arrangements to pay for it by instalments.

In doing so you will secure the cost once and for all and choose the plan thant best suits your wishes. Francisco Camero are well established and trusted funeral directors with a range of plans to offer as much or as little detail as you like and to suit every budget.

Yes, you can have it all done “YOUR WAY”. Cremations or burial, choice of vehicles, flowers, burial location, songs, religious service, hymns, including your own epitaph for posterity.



Francisco Camero is a guarantee that once you have planned your funeral it will all be carried out exactly according to your wishes and in any language with nothing extra for your family to pay for no matter how far in the future the funeral takes place or however much funeral costs increase.

There is just one more financial advantage in that a prepaid funeral plan falls outside the scope of your estate and is not taken into account in respect of inheritance tax liabilities. Control the unexpected, give yourself and your family peace of mind and remember that once you ask the question you are better off than before.

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