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Golf: Learn to Score better

Golf: Learn to Score better

Course Management is the most important key to playing your best golf. - By Mike Errera

At the Golf Center we use the Flightscope Launch Monitor to track your distances with each club. Knowing your gapping between clubs will help you on the course with your club selection.

We find that most golfers do not know exactly how far they hit their clubs. In most cases, they think that they hit each club further than they regularly do. With the wrong information, they often choose the wrong club when hitting into greens on the course.

There is a solution. Our facility can be used as an indoor driving range. What makes our driving range superior is that every shot is recorded and the data is collected into averages. This way, everyone that uses our
equipment has the ability to hit each club in the bag and learn their average distance with each club. From this knowledge alone, it is easier to choose your clubs with confidence and hit more greens.



The Flightscope Skills program is another feature that makes our driving range the best in the area. With this program we can pick targets of any size to any distance. We can build any training program custom for
each client. For example, we can build a program where a client will have three shots to five different targets of 35, 70, 105, 140, 175 meters for a total of fifteen shots.

Once they have completed their program, the data collected is then compared to PGA level ability. With this information, it becomes clear to the students where their strengths and weaknesses are in their game. This information can lead to more focused practice sessions and ultimately, lower scores.

We do offer the ability for any golfer to come into the shop and use the equipment without instruction for 50 cents per minute. For example, a ten minute pre-round warm up would be 5 Euros while an hour long
session would be 30 Euros. With a Monthly Membership golfers can come to the shop for unlimited practice on the Driving Range, unlimited practice on the Skills Application, unlimited use of our biomechanics equipment, and unlimited instruction for only 150 Euros.

We invite all golfers to come and visit us to learn their distances and lower their scores.

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